Moondrops Classroom

Moondrops Classroom (12 months – 24 months)

Our Moondrops are provioded with the opportunity to explore and develop. The teachers and classroom provide ample tools for children to learn, grow and develop their skills confidently and comfortably.The children are encouraged to express and develop their communication skills both verbal and non verbal. These opportunities incorporate self-esteem and confidence which help them in coming years getting along with their peers. A home style, relaxing environment with natural textures promotes a healthy and stress free classroom. Staff provides love and individual attention which is a key in the early stage of development.

Routines are very important and are taken care with scope of flexibility. The teachers try their best to follow a daily schedule keeping in mind that each day is different and activities should not be pushed and offered if a toddler is enjoying it. Our goal is to offer safe and positive environment where the children are happy and feel at home. We read, sing, play silly games, provide sensory activities, manipulatives, tumbling area. An outdoor play area which is shaded by a huge Oak tree with a small playscape offers a natural area to go play in fresh air.