Amy Pancake: Yoga

Amy Pancake learned to work with pre-school age children by working with the director of La Petite Ecole French immersion preschool in Austin. Her experience includes 16 years of yoga teaching, kinesiology studies at U.T. Austin, ongoing study of human movement (including developmental movement with Emilie Conrad of Continuum Movement) and over 4,000 hours of kids yoga classes. Classes incorporate movement in all planes of gravity, activities to grow attention span, social time and guidance (when needed) in social interactions. She speaks Spanish and French. Many of her classes are bilingual and we often learn sweet songs and how to count in Spanish and French. At the heart of her teaching is the commitment to connect in a heartfelt way with each student so they feel safe and free to express themselves in class. She works with adults and kids of all ages.

In 2015 Amy co-founded a Yoga Alliance registered children’s yoga teacher training program in Austin –,, or check out her blog on kids yoga