Kylan Court Music

Ky Court is a trained vocal and ukulele teacher who grew up in the music scene. Launched in the Santa Barbara youth scene, she has played over 300 shows spanning multiple states with her family-band, Let Flo Go. You can see her performing all over Austin in venues such as Shiner’s Saloon, Infamous Brewery, or events like the Austin Rodeo. She has recorded an EP with Let Flo Go, and done solo work recording in collaboration with other musical artists. Through her experience, both performance and teaching, she has created a fun and interactive environment when it comes to playing music at Sun Moon and Stars learning center. Encouraging dancing, getting the lyrics wrong, and stomping to the beat, Ky has created a repertoire of songs that have the kiddos looking forward to jams varying from  “Sweet Child of Mine” to “Doe a Deer”. She cannot wait for the new generations of music to come, and with this in mind, aims to inspire musical appreciation and creativity within anyone she teaches.