Aubrey Hays: Music and Movements

Aubrey Hays is a classically trained vocalist and guitarist who frequently plays live sets all around Austin, TX. Most recently, Aubrey was featured on NPR Tinydesk’s Top Shelf program and was just named a Blackfret artist for 2022. Aubrey first learned to work with children by teaching musical theater camps to K-12ers in the summers between pursuing her degree in Theater Arts at Vassar College. Classes incorporate classic kids’ songs mixed with your children’s favorite current Disney tunes at the classes’ request; they also work with the ideas of slower and faster tempos as well as loud and soft volumes by incorporating body movement to indicate speed and loudness. Aubrey and their spouse Taylor Turner teach lessons in guitar, bass, piano, and voice to kids and adults alike. Through these classes, Aubrey hopes to inspire a young generation of musicians and music appreciators.